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Wrongly accused of misconduct, founder of B.C. bird rescue group vindicated in court

Beverly Day was fired by the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society and accused of misappropriating funds Beverly Day was in her 20s and working as a construction flagger when she started caring for injured birds in her spare time. She learned as she went and her reputation quickly spread across B.C. By the time she founded Delta's [...]

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Alberta workplaces no longer allowed to mandate high heels for employees

Employers in Alberta are no longer allowed to mandate high heels in the workplace. Changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Code were announced Friday morning, prohibiting Alberta employers from requiring workers to wear high heels. Those who work in the hospitality industry have been particularly vocal about banning heeled footwear in Alberta restaurants. Earlier [...]

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First female Indigenous dean of Canadian law school sues university for discrimination

Angelique EagleWoman is seeking $2.67M to compensate for lost wages and account for damages for 'harm to dignity, feelings and self-respect' TORONTO — A woman who became the first female Indigenous dean of a Canadian law school has launched a lawsuit against the university, alleging it racially discriminated against her and forced her to resign [...]

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Toronto Children’s Aid worker launches human rights case claiming on-the-job racism

An Afro-Indigenous children’s services worker has launched an Ontario Human Rights case against the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, claiming systemic racism on the job. Sylvia Delgado, 40, who works with children in foster care and group homes, claims she was questioned and undermined over several years by a supervisor at the Toronto society who [...]

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Feds aim to add personal leave days as Ontario cuts them back

Would allow five days off each year for care of relatives, children's education, citizenship ceremonies OTTAWA (CP) -- The Trudeau government is seeking to give federally regulated workers more paid personal-leave days in a proposal that arrives as Ontario moves to cut workers' time-off entitlements. Federal budget legislation, if passed, would let workers take up [...]

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Open for Business: Removing Burdens While Protecting Workers

Ontario is open for business: the government is acting to bring jobs and investment back to our province by lightening the burden on business and making sure that hard work is rewarded. The proposed Making Ontario Open for Business Act would remove the worst burdens that prevent Ontario businesses from creating jobs while expanding opportunities for workers. [...]

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Property Brothers’ producer Cineflix TV being sued for millions in unpaid wages

TORONTO – The company that makes Property Brothers and dozens of other TV programs is being sued for millions in regular wages as well as overtime, vacation and public holiday pay claimed on behalf of hundreds of contract production personnel. The proposed class action suit claims Cineflix and its affiliates violated the Ontario Employment Standards Act and [...]

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