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Cannabis industry creating buzz among job-seekers ahead of legalization, Indeed study finds

OTTAWA—The growth of Canada’s soon-to-be-legal recreational pot industry is starting to create a small buzz among job hunters. The job website Indeed has released new numbers that show cannabis-related searches, while still small, were more than four times higher last month compared to the year before. The data say weed-related searches increased to 26 out [...]

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Restaurant owner jailed 90 days, fined for failing to pay staff as ordered

‘Sentence shows seriousness of breach committed’ The owner of a now defunct Toronto-area restaurant chain has been jailed for 90 days for failing to comply with a government order to pay former employees wages and other money they were owed. In addition, Ontario court justice of the peace Karen Walker fined Yuk Yee (Ellen) Pun [...]

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Toronto tennis league’s rules discriminate against women, human rights tribunal rules

Decision comes in response to a complaint filed last August, claiming men given more opportunities to play Ontario's Human Rights Tribunal has sided with a group of female tennis players, ruling that one of the largest tennis leagues in Toronto discriminates against women. The decision comes in response to a complaint filed last August, alleging [...]

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Rights tribunal slams Imperial Oil for cancelling job offer to engineer over immigration status

In a precedent-setting decision, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has ruled that an employer cannot discriminate against job candidates who do not have Canadian permanent residence status or citizenship but are legally able to work here. The decision follows a complaint from Muhammad Taimoor Haseeb, a former international student at McGill University who was [...]

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Responding to a tragedy

Employers have a role – and certain legal duties – in helping people traumatized by tragic events such as Toronto mass shooting Mental health has become a top issue for Canadian employers. There are multiple reasons for that: Mental health awareness has become top-of-mind for many and the stigma is fading, allowing more people to [...]

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Former Sears Canada boss Calvin McDonald named new CEO at Lululemon

Previous CEO stepped down in February after Lululemon said he 'fell short' of its standards Lululemon Athletica Inc. has appointed Calvin McDonald, seen here in an April 2013 photo, as their new chief executive officer. ​Lululemon Athletica Inc. has chosen former Sears Canada CEO Calvin McDonald as its new chief executive officer. The Vancouver-based clothing [...]

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A serf of a different colour

Unpaid internships have been on the firing line for a few years but still haven’t completely disappeared Do you work without getting paid? Unless you’re a volunteer for a charity organization, most people would say, ‘No way!’ However, that’s still the case for interns in many cases. Unpaid internships were the subject of much discussion [...]

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Just for Laughs drafts new anti-harassment policy

Follows sexual misconduct scandal surrounding founder Gilbert Rozon TORONTO (CP) — As Montreal's Just for Laughs festival prepares to kick off on Wednesday, the company has released a new anti-harassment policy for employees and addressed the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding founder Gilbert Rozon. In a statement Monday, the newly restructured company said it supports "those [...]

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Starbucks employee fired after mocking stuttering customer

NEW YORK -- Starbucks says an employee in Philadelphia has been fired after reportedly mocking a customer with a stutter. The coffee chain says the behaviour did not reflect the experience customers should have and the employee is no longer with Starbucks. A person on Facebook posted Sunday that his friend stuttered when giving his [...]

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LTD benefits claim allowed after employment: Court

Former Ontario employee’s case leads to ‘remarkable’ decision A recent decision by the Ontario Court of Appeal raised eyebrows in stating a former employee was allowed to receive long-term disability (LTD) benefits for an injury he sustained through work three years before he left the company. Lenard MacIvor worked for Pitney Bowes from 1996 to [...]

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