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Foodora Union Voting ends but Battle to Unionize far from Resolved

OLRB decision could take days, months. TORONTO (CP) — Foodora couriers in Toronto wrapped voting on union certification Tuesday, but the drive to create Canada’s first unionized workforce in the gig economy has taken a back seat to a ruling on the fundamental question of whether the workers are considered employees. Ballots have been sealed [...]

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If you work for Uber or DoorDash, your boss isn’t a person but an algorithm

App-driven jobs in the gig economy can mean constant surveillance. The work day ends and you Uber home, leaving the driver a five-star review for a blissfully uneventful ride. Your stomach rumbles, and since you're already holding your phone, you swipe over to another app and order dinner, adding a $3 tip for the delivery person. But who's [...]

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Restarting the Service Clock

A clear resignation that isn’t rescinded can wipe the service slate clean​. Despite the old saying, “You can’t go home again,” maybe you can — it just depends on how you left. When an employee quits and later returns to work for the same employer, these are generally considered two separate stints, so the employee’s service time dates back to the beginning of [...]

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Advocacy Group faces Fallout after Firing three Racialized Staffers

'The staffing changes had nothing to do with anyone's race, ethnicity, religion' OTTAWA (CP) -- An organization aimed at supporting women in politics is facing backlash over its decision to fire three racialized employees last week, sparking resignations and a social media campaign calling its commitment to diversity into question. Equal Voice, a multi-partisan organization [...]

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Indigenous Couple Asked to Pay before Eating Settle Complaint Against B.C. Denny’s

wo members of the Na-Cho Nyäk Dun First Nation, who said they were racially profiled by staff at a B.C. Denny’s restaurant, settled their human rights complaint with the chain. According to lawyers for Helaina Moses and Shane Hummel, the pair visited a 24-hour Denny’s restaurant in Vancouver in November 2017. The pair were visiting [...]

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Sexual Harassment Complaints Soaring amid ‘Frat Boy Culture’ in Airline Industry

Employees cite power dynamic between male-dominated pilot profession and female-dominated flight attendant jobs as part of the problem. CP) - Mandalena Lewis was enjoying a layover in Hawaii with her WestJet co-workers the night she says a pilot pinned her down and tried to force her to have sex. "I escaped being raped, but I [...]

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Restaurant War Shatters 3 Decades of Peace between Cactus Club and Earls

Legal battle inevitable in 'prime-time soap opera' of Vancouver's dining dynasties, expert says. For 30 years, Cactus Club and Earls have occupied a similar space in the hearts and stomachs of B.C. diners. The chains, which have spread across Canada and into the U.S., have peacefully coexisted in the "premium casual dining" market, competing for [...]

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Toronto Hospital Fires around 150 Employees for Uncovering Multi million Dollar Fraud

One of the fired employees said she began claiming for physiotherapy she did not receive because she was paying more each month into a benefits plan than she was actually using. In what could be one of the largest and longest-lasting benefits fraud schemes ever discovered in Canada, a Toronto geriatric hospital has dismissed approximately [...]

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