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Woman Fired after Working 20 years as Hospital Nurse Without License

Ploy discovered after enrollment in training course. MONTREAL (CP) — Health officials in Quebec have discovered that a woman who had been working as a nurse and caring for hospital patients for 20 years was an impostor. The health authority in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of eastern Quebec fired the woman this month from her position [...]

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Employers Face Long Delays for Temporary Foreign Workers as Demand Spikes

Approvals for 'low-skill' stream now taking more than 100 days. OTTAWA (CP) — Some employers looking to hire temporary foreign workers are experiencing significant delays due to an increase in demand this year for migrant workers in Canada. The federal government says the volume of applications is up almost 25 per cent over last year — a [...]

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Officials Take Look at Zones for EI Rules, Hoping to avoid Political Pitfalls

Parts of Alberta among regions initially excluded from a 2016 boost to EI benefits. A federal department is reconsidering the boundaries that determine how workers in different areas qualify for employment insurance. Changes to the 64 EI regions, as they're known, would send political ripples through the country as some workers benefit while others find [...]

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Cutting $16 Million from Ontario Office that Prevents Workplace Deaths Makes ‘No Sense,’ Advocates Say

The bulk of the cuts will impact research projects on issues like occupational disease, as well as the province’s independent health and safety associations, which provide ministry-approved training and support to workplaces across Ontario. The provincial office tasked with preventing occupational injury, illness and death in Ontario will see $16 million in cuts this year, [...]

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NDP want Legislation to Protect Victims of Workplace Harassment and Violence

It's called Bill 111: Speaking Out About Workplace Violence and Workplace Harassment Act, 2019 The MPP for Nickel Belt is proposing new legislation that would protect people who file complaints about mistreatment at work but a lawyer says she's unsure if it would help. New Democrat France Gélinas has put forward Bill 111, an act [...]

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Did the Church of Scientology pay what it owed its employees?

Church, CNESST have reached out-of-court settlement in case of underpaid workers We will never know if the Church of Scientology paid its employees the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Quebec's labour standards board ruled they are owed. The parties have reached a confidential, out-of-court settlement. The board, known by its French acronym CNESST, had [...]

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‘Part of the Job’ No Excuse for Workplace Violence Health-Care Workers Face High Risk of Workplace Violence and Harassment, but Employers aren’t meeting their Health and Safety Obligations

Workplace violence, when it happens, is a serious problem for any employer — or at least it should be. Some professions are more vulnerable to workplace violence than others, but that doesn’t mean it should be accepted as part of the job. Occupational health and safety legislation across the country is designed to protect workers [...]

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Ontario employers to ‘educate themselves’ on workplace obligations to cut costs

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour will “modernize and streamline” its enforcement efforts by helping employers to “educate themselves” on their workplace obligations, according to Thursday’s provincial budget. The move to encourage employers to be more “self-reliant” coincides with an $11 million cut to the ministry’s budget from $317 million in 2017/18 to $306.1 million this year. The [...]

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Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein owner to investigate allegations of labour abuse in Ethiopian factories

Fashion giant PVH, which owns Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, said it will investigate reports that Ethiopian workers who make clothes for their high-street stores routinely face verbal abuse and discrimination and earn as little as 12 cents per hour. Workers in PVH supplier factories in Ethiopia are also forced to do unpaid overtime and [...]

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