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Six employees allege discrimination in human-rights complaints against UBC

VANCOUVER—The University of British Columbia has been hit again with workplace controversy, as eight human rights complaints from six employees have been filed with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. The Association of Administrative and Professional Staff that represents UBC employees, with roughly 4,500 members, alleges that its members were terminated or denied a promotion based [...]

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$13-million lawsuit accuses Corrections Canada of racism, sexism, bullying and intimidation

Former female warden claims she endured 26 years of harassment, assault in ‘old boys club’ A former female warden has filed a $13-million lawsuit against Correctional Service of Canada alleging her 26-year career has left her suffering from post-traumatic stress, anger, depression, fear and humiliation. The 28-page statement of claim filed Monday in Federal Court [...]

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Doug Ford vows to scrap key Liberal labour reform legislation

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is vowing to scrap labour-reform legislation from the previous Liberal government that raised the province’s minimum wage and introduced a range of other worker protections, a declaration that comes days after his government said the law was under review. Mr. Ford’s comments, made in the legislature on Tuesday, caught the opposition [...]

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Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act, 2018

Ontario is introducing legislation that, if passed, would bring in stricter controls to safeguard young people and combat the criminal market, and provide safer ways to buy recreational cannabis legally. The proposed Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act, 2018 introduces new controls, in addition to introducing amendments to various acts to make them stronger. Supporting licensed [...]

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Toronto cop files complaint over years-long ‘barrage of sexist and racist comments’

Repeated sexual advances from colleagues and superiors, prompting her to wear a fake engagement ring. Frequent remarks from fellow officers about the bodies of female cops and sexual assault victims. Pornographic images posted in common areas in the police station, sometimes with racist comments scrawled overtop. During her nearly decade-long stint as a Toronto police [...]

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‘It’s a human rights issue’: Women fight for the right to be braless on the job

B.C. woman filed a human rights complaint over demand she wear a bra at work The "burn your bra" movement is back, this time ignited by young women shunning the undergarment not for political reasons, but in the name of comfort. However, some braless women feel discomfort when managers mandate they must wear one in the workplace — a rule [...]

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