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Robinson Heeney LLP Testimonials

Kevin Robinson Toronto Employment Lawyer

For Kevin Robinson:

“For Kevin and his team, I would give a Triple “E” rating. That is Experienced, Efficient and Excellent! Well done Kevin, well done and thank you!”

John (JB) Barrett, former employment client.

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James Heeney Toronto Employment Lawyer

For James Heeney:

“What sets James and Sarah apart from the pack is how they approach matters with a common-sense strategy, meticulously prepare, and are able to explain complex legal terms in layman’s terms. As a growing legal practice, they are flexible, responsive and energetic – which is very refreshing in the legal industry”

Adrian Travis, Principal, Trindent Consulting

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Sarah Vokey, Senior Associate Toronto Employment Lawyer

For Sarah Vokey:

“Her knowledge of employment law was extremely thorough and definitely worked in my favour financially. The level of professionalism and efficiency I experienced with Robinson Heeney LLP was exemplary and much appreciated, allowing me a sense of peace during an extremely stressful period in my life.”

Julie Ryan

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Allison Buchanan Toronto Employment Lawyer

For Allison Buchanan:

“She is very knowledgeable and professional. Amazing in the courtroom. Helped me through every step of the process and the difficult times. Given the intricacies of my situation, all manner was handled effectively and with utmost care. I highly recommend Allison Buchanan”

Waseem Messer

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David Israelsohn Toronto Employment Lawyer

For David Israelsohn:

“David is a Toronto gem. Thorough, generous, patient and clearly very hard-working. It was such a relief to gain his counsel.”

Jenny Jun

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